Spotlight on Sanda Grigore

For those that do not know Activity Therapist Sanda Grigore she has an amazing background. Sanda is originally from Romania where she worked as a Registered Nurse and then became a midwife before coming to the St. Louis area. Sanda married her husband while in Romania, who she has now been with for 40 years, and together they have two daughters. One daughter is a teacher and one is a labor/delivery nurse at Mercy. Sanda now has two grandchildren who she loves spending time with as well. A fun fact about Sanda is that she can speak 6 different languages! Sanda always impresses us with her skills and how amazing she is with the residents. Many of us especially adore her cooking on Monday mornings. You can even find a video of Sanda on the Garden View website showing you what her cooking class is all about. Sanda shared her favorite part about working at Garden View are the residents and that she is very attached to them, as well as loves them greatly. Here at Garden View we are all very thankful for Sanda and all of her hard work to keep the residents happy.

Thank you, Sanda