Spotlight on Mary Vareedayah

Mary Vareedayah is our December employee of the month. Mary was born and raised in India. Mary graduated high school and attended Annamelai University where she graduated with her bachelors in psychology. She went on to get her teaching certification at Holy Cross Catholic College. She began teaching middle school and met her husband Raji not long after. They had one son together. In 1995, Mary and her family moved to the United States to be closer to Raji’s family. Mary then began a job working at a bank and volunteered at long term care facilities in her free time. She decided that her passion was working with the elderly and left her bank job to work as an activity assistant in long term care. Mary has worked for Garden View for 15 years in the activity department. Mary enjoys going to church, watching movies and spending time with family in her spare time. Mary states that kindness and love can transfer someone’s darkness into light. We love you, Mary!